• March 2009, RRCV, Prof. Clayton Heathcock (Camelot RR, USA). This is a very nice dog with a well arched neck that flows smoothly into a level topline. He has a good underline and is moderately angulated but well balanced front and rear. He carries himself very well on the go-around and is true coming and going and was definitely, the standout mover of the class. Challenge Dog This dog has excellent attributes overall and is clearly the best moving dog of the lot. Runners Up Best in Show My Best in show bitch is stunning and she did an outstanding job in all aspects. I felt the same about the Runners up Best in show, the Challenge Dog winner. Both of these exhibits were presented very professionally by their handlers, who followed my instructions in the various exercises. The choice between the challenge dog and reserve challenge bitch for Runners up Best in Show was an easy one.
  • March 2008, Sovereign City KC, Mrs Barbara Long (South Africa). Beautifully balanced Ridgeback, stunning head, correct topline which he held, ground covering movement with long easy stride. My Group winner.
  • March 2007, RRCV, Mr John Sigve Berg (Norway). Yet another excellent dog with a beautiful head, good planes, long muzzle and deep, excellent neck, well laid shoulder, also a litte bit straight in front, well angulated behind, strong topline, croup OK, underline OK, good bone and feet, ridge OK, moves very nice from the side, covers the ground very nicely.
  • June 2006, RR National, Mr Anthony Lord Edwards (Ireland). 5 month old puppy, quality head set, nice length of back, good angles front and rear, would like a shorter tail. Moves very, very good.
  • May 2006, RRCWA, Ms Orit Nevo (Israel). Number one is a very nice puppy, 4 months old, quite agile, very good angulation, very good ribcage, very good forechest, dark eyes, lovely temperament, showing himself well for his age.