• March 1999, RRCV, Mr Myron Arthur [NSW] (Laughing Willows) This is a nicely balanced bitch, with a feminine well balanced head and she covers the ground very well when moving, she has good angulation.
  • March 1999, RRCSA, Mr Bernard Fears (NZ). A lovely feminine head with delightful expression. Very good shoulders. Strong legs and compact feet. Tail length and ridge both good.
  • March 1998, RRCV, Mr Martin Croeser[South Africa]. Lovely bitch, good head and shoulders, good hindquarters, moves well.
  • March 1997, RRCV, Ms. Susan Campbell[UK] (Nyssa). 3 year old bitch, very feminine, gorgeous head, beautiful shoulders, very dark round eye, sweet expression, beautiful neck, good topline, good depth of brisket, shown in excellent condition, moved really well. This is one I really like, love her type. This is one that I think I would like to take home if I could. I think she is quality, fantastic, love her. This bitch is also of correct size.