• March 2000, RRCSA, Mrs Sandra Fikes [USA] (Kalahari). Also similar to the top two placers, but a bit heavier dog. Nice expression and good length of head, clean neck, nice shoulder placement, wonderful forechest, strong topline, well ribbed up, nice short loin, good tuck up, correct croup. Nice moving dog, clean coming and going. I would have like to seen better angulation in the rear.
  • October 1999, RRC, Mr J Walton-Haddon(UK). Pleasing head, supported on a good strong neck, overall a very good outline standing and moving, excellent depth of brisket and ribs giving plenty of heartroom, well placed shoulders. Moved well.
  • March 1999, RRCV, Mr Myron Arthur [NSW](Laughing Willows). BISS: Strong, well muscled dog with a nice head, good angulation and covers the ground well when moving.
  • October 1998, RRC, Mr Bernard Fears (NZ). Strong dog with excellent bone and good depth of chest. Good ridge and tail.
  • October 1998, RRC, Mrs. B Pelliccia [Canada]. Again, really clean coming and going. Little close in rear. Prefer the bone on this one.
  • March 1998, RRCV, Ms. Susan Campbell[UK] (Nyssa). Five month red wheaten male, dark muzzle, dark eyes, slight turn of feet, but he is only a baby, would not worry at this stage, deep brisket, plenty of heart room. well angulated, moves very well for his age and will mature, needs to tighten up in body, but at this stage nothing to worry about, a very nice young male.