• May 2006, RRCWA, Ms Orit Nevo (Israel). Very nice bitch of medium size, excellent body proportions, excellent bone for her size, very feminine, lovely expression, good eyes, good forechest, OK front angulation, good back angulation, OK topline for her age, good ribcage, in excellent condition for her age.
  • March 2004, RRCSA, Mrs Sharron Taylor (QLD). A glorious outline. Shown extremely well, moved like a dream and would have kept going had I have asked her to. She just floated around the ring, enjoyed herself and she knew she was the centre of attention! Correct moderate sized bitch with a lovely head, very pretty, dark eye, correct ear set and carriage. Nicely angulated front and rear, good topline (had pups only 9 weeks before!), nice croup, good set of tail and carriage. Good feet, nice coat and colour. Good ridge.
  • September 2003, RRCWA, Mr J Comerford (NSW). Lovely type of bitch of good size. Pleasing head and expression, beautiful eye, correct ridge. Moved well on side gait with a very free action.
  • March 2002, RRCV, Ms Rosemary Green (NSW). Nice style of bitch, pretty head and expression, well put together, moved nicely, good ridge.
  • March 2001, RRCSA, Mrs Jane Armatys (TAS). Lovely feminine bitch, good head and expression, well balanced, very good front and rear angulation, good on the move. Very good example of the breed. Challenge Bitch.
  • June 2000, RRCQ, Mr Tony Kyman (VIC). Open bitch class: Another quality class of bitches and the first three place getters all were excellent movers, had strong muscular hindquarters and well muscled bodies. 1st: This bitch took my breath away when she first went into the ring, and did not let me down all day. Such wonderful movement, steady with strength and attitude without overdoing it, she definitely had a purpose today and her handler was in harmony - what team work. Correct boning, expression and body to match. This bitch was my Challenge winner and my Best In Show.
  • March 2000, RRCSA, Mrs Sandra Fikes (USA). My first place bitch really impressed me with her flowing, easy movement. A classic Ridgeback bitch, moderate, but beautifully constructed, everything fits together from the nice fill in front, great shoulder assembly, smooth withers, strong topline, well ribbed up, correct croup slope and well done rear quarters. If I had built her, I could only give some minor head improvement. Challenge Bitch: Great group of bitches in the line up. I went with my Junior Bitch - a superb mover with a great outline. Best Exhibit in Show: Two super representatives of the breed and both deserving of Best in Show - the dog was quite stylish with a great head and the better handled of the two - the bitch had a classic body and moved like a dream. A difficult decision, but I went with the bitch today.
  • June 1999, RRCQ, Mrs Pauline Sadler (WA). Very promising young bitch. Good outline, nice angulation front and rear. Pretty feminine head. Good dark eye. Moves nicely.
  • March 1999, RRCV, Mr Myron Arthur (NSW). Balanced, level topline and good angulation with good chest development.
  • March 1999, RRCSA, Mr Bernard Fears (NZ). Lovely head with dark eyes and good expression. Good ridge and excellent compact feet. Good shoulder angulation. Great potential.