• March 2007, RRCV, Mr John Sigve Berg (Norway). Excellent type of bitch, beautiful head, good planes, good length of muzzle, correct depth, well set ears, nice eye, strong neck, well laid shoulder, moderate angulated front, well angulated rear, moves very nice with a good long stride, strong topline, a little bit long in loin, well boned, a little flat feet in front, good croup, excellent ridge.
  • June 2006, RR National, Mr Anthony Lord Edwards (Ireland). 3 and half year old bitch, pleasing head, topline and rear angulation good.
  • May 2006, RRCWA, Ms Orit Nevo (Israel). A very nice bitch of good size, good length of body, good proportions, very feminine, eyes could be a bit more tight, ears could be a bit more smaller, good forechest, good topline, OK front angulation, good ribcage, good back angulation, moves well.
  • October 2004, RRC, Mrs Kirsteen Maidment (UK). Another nice bitch with good bone. Lovely head with very feminine expression. Very good front. Long clean neck into very good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Good depth of brisket and adequate ribbing back. Good turn of stifle, well let down hocks. Moved out very true.
  • March 2004, RR National, Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (UK). 14 month old red wheaten bitch, nice head, good dark eye, correct ear set. Nice reach of neck, good depth of chest, again very well placed shoulders, slight toeing in when she comes towards me but good driving action from the rear, good length of ridge, nice crowns, a very well balanced puppy.
  • October 2003, RRC, Mrs Anne Gates (UK). Red wheaten with lovely head and expression with nice round dark eyes, good earset and length of neck, good layback of shoulders, topline, tailset and turn of stifle. Excellent feet. Extremely well balanced for her age and looked lovely in profile, moved well.
  • Sept 2003, RRCWA, Mr John Comerford (NSW). Pleasing type of bitch overall. Balanced on move. Good pigmentation. Feet a little loose in front which may improve with exercise. Good ridge.