• March 2004, RRCSA, Mrs Sharron Taylor (QLD). Another dog with excellent outline. Head not as good as the 1st placegetter (described as outstanding!). He is moderately angled front and rear, good bone, correct length of body, good depth of chest, side gait was fluid and easy going. Ridge OK.
  • October 2003, RRC, Mrs A Gates (UK). Red Wheaten with pleasing head and expression, would have preferred a slightly flatter skull, nice length of neck, set on a good layback of shoulder, good topline, turn of stifle, tailset and feet. Moved well.
  • September 2003, RRCWA, Mr J Comerford (NSW). Class comment: I liked both these dogs very much. Proportions of both were very good and both had very good side movement. Individual critique: Better in overall size. True moving out and back with an easy striding side gait. Would prefer a flater skull, however overall a very nice dog. Excellent feet. Ridge and coat are good.
  • October 2002, RRC, Mrs S Gilbert (NZ). Balanced dog with good angulation. Good head, neck, topline, tuckup and feet.
  • March 2002, RRCV, Ms Rosemary Green (NSW). Another very nice moderate dog, heavier through the chest than the first dog, good prosternum, not quite as well balanced as the first dog, but moved true although a little sluggish on the day, good ridge, pleasing expression.
  • June 2001, RRCQ, Mrs S Rickards (VIC). Beautifully balanced, muscular dog, well boned. Excellent length of head and lovely expression. Ears a little low and carried back. Very good angles front and rear. Strong body with chest well filled, well ribbed back. Good ridge, moved soundly. Won this class on his super conformation, unfortunately, he gave me nothing in the challenge line up.
  • Critique by Ms. Sue Lynn Tong (Singapore), and extracted from Dog Talk, the official publication of the Singapore Kennel Club, January/March 2001, Volume 30, No. 1, page 128. Best Intermediate in Show , the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Australian Ch. Ozrhode Ari Mystic Fate, the Hound Group winner. New to me, 2 years old in peak condition. Apart from his very good head and eye shape, I found his outline very good. Excellent shoulders which carry a beautiful neck, his width of front was correct, lovely feet. He was so well balanced; coat was tight and gleaming on the move. He was in rock hard condition which helped to win this superb specials.
  • March 2001, RRCV, Mrs Sharon Rossiter(Scotland). Beautiful class: Lovely head, beautiful arched neck, good lay of shoulder, good return of upper arm, good depth of chest, well ribbed up, good length, good turn of stifle, moved like a dream. Maybe just a fraction wider in front than I would like. Overall a lovely dog.
  • March 2000, RRCV, Mrs Anna Lane (VIC). This dog has a balanced head, good length of muzzle, has a good dark eye, his ear set is good, strong bone down to his feet, ribbed back, good length of loin, level top line, top line moves true going away from me, he has a good level top line, he has a nice easy gait. Coming towards me he tracks very true.
  • March 2000, RRCSA, Mrs Sandra Fikes (USA). My first place dog impressed me by being a very smooth, superbly moving dog, both around & coming and going. Very well balanced in angulation of the front and rear assemblies, nice, short strong loin, good head, nice set on of neck, good breed type overall. My only improvement would have been in the length of the ribbing. Well presented.
  • October 1999, RRC, Mr J Walton Haddon (UK). 12 months old, very good type, slightly long in muzzle, well muscled throughout, though rather wide in front, moved with drive and purpose, had good hocks and turn of stifle, well placed shoulders.
  • June 1999, RRCQ, Mrs Pauline Sadler (WA). Well developed, masculine, good strong bone, good feet, nice ridge. Good ear set. Moves well, very well balanced for his age.
  • March 1999, RRCV, Mr Myron Arthur (NSW). Symmetrical, strong well boned puppy that has a lot of potential. Good head proportions and ear set and nice dark eyes.
  • March 1999, RRCSA, Mr Bernard Fears (NZ). This five month old puppy has good bone and stood well with pleasing angulation and good tail length. Moved nicely. Lots of Potential.